UnRead Emails after Processing

Dear Forum Members,

We had some requirement, in which we have to mark list of Emails as unread.

But we should unread only in End process after processing is done.

Example : I had read 4 emails using outlook activity.
At the end process i want to unread those 4 emails.

Any help, any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Sahil Garg


If it is not just about those 4 email then in end process use get outlook message activity and read the email with property mark As Read


I am trying using get outlook mail message activity , but this activity takes email id as input not list item.

Can you please elaborate your solution.

What i want is to unread email present in initial list.

Use same activity again in end process

at the start without checking property markasRead
and at the end state with checking property markAsRead

But suppose in mean any new email came with same criteria, BOT will unread that also.

Is it possible to have something like Received time = item.DateTime(hh:mm:ss).

Try using this…I never tried…Otherwise search for another solution…

It is not working, that’s why i posted query on forum.

What I can suggest is if one line item done then move it to another folder using Move EMail activity

That’s good approach, Let me see it also

Hi Pravin,

Your solution is meeting the requirement.

Thanx for your help.


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