Passing Variables from Main Workflow to Another Workflow

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching the forums and read up a lot on Arguments but i cannot seem to get this to work.

I have a select box on the main.xaml which stores the output in an argument called “Result”. The direction is “Out”.

I have an activity “Invoke Workflow File” which is loading up results.xaml

Just for testing purposed i have a message box showing “Result”

The message box pops up blank.

How do i pass the variable from main.xaml to results.xaml ?

Give a try on Following.

Define on Result.xaml an Argument of in direction named in_message

Store in Main.xaml the Input on a variable Result
Of datatype String.

Invoke from Main,xaml the result.xaml and Pass the result variable to in_message


When you say [quote=“ppr, post:2, topic:225649”]Pass the result variable to in_message[/quote]

Do you mean in “invoke workflow file” Import aguments?

So if i understand right Name=in_message | Direction=Out | Type=String | Value=Result

And in results.xaml the argument for in_message is In

Still comes out blank


Thank you so much for your help. I worked it out. Have to keep direction as in.

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