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Hello All,

I have a requirement to copy file(s) from local machine/server to EnterpriseConnect / OpenText. I tried using CopyFile / MoveFile activities but unable to copy.

Also tried using Invoke Method (CopyFile) but its copying to package folder by creating same folder structure instead just copying EnterpriseConnect folder path.

Source Path: C:\Temp\Test.xlsx
Target Path: Enterprise Connect\DEV\TestFolder\

It would be very helpful if anyone let me know how I can copy file(s) to Enterprise Connect target folder path.

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Happy Automation :slight_smile:

@NavneetPanpaliya ,
Please see your steps manually first… if it is working then you can simulate the same into RPA.
If Move or copy is not working use Send Hot Key Ctrl+C and paste on the remote machine location by using Send Hot Key Ctrl+V. make sure both activities get sync with both local machine while copying and remote machine while pasting.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks @rkelchuri for your reply.

I can read, copy files using UiPath activity with respective to below local path which is equivalent of OpenText file path (**Enterprise Connect\DEV\TestFolder**).
The issue is there will not be any sync between local to OpenText server and vice-versa which is pointless implementing this solution.

Example: C:\Users\botID\AppData\Roaming\OpenText\OTEdit\EC_opentext_qa*c60843*\

I am currently searching for solution using REST API/Web service to achieve required solution.

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Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

Hello All,

I am able to implement solution using Rest/HTTP API to perform below operations.

  1. Login OpenText Content Server
  2. Download File
  3. Upload File
  4. Create Folder
  5. Update File by adding new version to existing file
  6. Delete specific file

Happy to help if anyone need to implement this solution for automation process to perform above operations on OpenText Content Server.

Happy Automation! :slight_smile:

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