Move file to Enterprise Connect


My IT department is going to install Enterprise Connect (file management program) in my computer. Im supposed to move files from my local folder to the Enterprise Connect folders.
I’ve been researching a bit and the path is going to be something like this
"Enterprise Connect\Research Files\day…".
Is is possible to do a “Move File Activity” to that destination path??
I’m asking because the normal way i use “move file activity” is with C:… or if im in a shared network folder \sharedpath\folderA… and because i dont yet have the program installed i cant test it.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this questions.

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HI @mikehas

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I think you should be able to do this. As long as you can access these folder paths through your windows explorer, you should be able to use the move file activity to move the files from the source to the destination without a problem.