How to copy a file from RDP and paste in Local machine



How to copy a file from RDP and paste in Local machine.

Please do the needful. Very urgent


Steps to create work flow:

  1. set focus on the open folder on the RPD area.
  2. Activity: SendKey: Ctrl + a
  3. Activity: SendKey: Ctrl + c
  4. set focus on the open folder on the desktop.
  5. Activity: SendKey: Ctrl+v

hope my inputs are useful.


Thanks. Not working
Can you please tell how to use using copy file.


How to give path RDP path in copy file. Will it work if i give RDP path.



First of all you should create a work flow for opening RDP connection and connect to remote machine.
After that your loop will start reading files from a folder if you have multiple files to copy and paste one by one.
If you have only one file then you do’t need to loop, just pass the full path with file name in copy activity.
Set focus on RPD folder and open the folder where you want to pate.
Then user send key activity by enabling Ctrl+ “v”.
At the destination location.
These are the steps with specific delay to sync each step need to create your work flow.
Hope my inputs are useful.


Not working. i have pick file from RDP and paste in local machine


If your RDP machine is in your local network then you can share that folder and RDP path will work to copy or paste. if Machine is out side of your office network and you are using VPN to connect remote machine by RDP then RDP path will not work. Always VPN connected remote machine will allow you to do surface automation.