SMTP Orchestrator Tenant Email Settings no longer working


Does anybody experience issues with the SMTP configuration recently? (From Orchestrator → Tenant → Settings → Mail)
We haven’t changed anything and my setup for custom SMTP worked for a long time, until recently. It might be an issue introduced with latest Update of Orchestrator Cloud.

I understand that a new SMTP can be configured from Admin screen (Notification service will be replacing SMTP in Automation Cloud Orchestrator), but currently it doesn’t seem to send alerts when jobs are faulted.

So my questions are:

  • Can we still use SMTP at Tenant-> Settings level? If yes, what changed? Because now it is no longer working
  • When will the new STMP configuration found at Admin level replace the SMTP found at Tenant-> Settings level?

We recently had an issue with using to deliver emails, but was since fixed. Were you using it?

Side note: Why are you using a customer smtp server? Do you have a business reason for it? Mails can still be received if you use the “Default email settings”, in which case UiPath will use its own smtp server for delivering the email to your inboxes.

Now it is working using We were using it because we prefer to receive emails from an internal account, having our domain. It is acceptable to use the Default email setup, as well, but not ideal. :smiley:

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