SMTP Mail vs send outlook mail


Is there any advantage sending SMTP mails vs using send outlook mail activity (integration) ?
The email is sometimes very small


Hi @adext

For using the Send Outlook mail activity need to install the outlook application and login the same outlook account in your machine.

For SMTP Mail message activity no need to install outlook application. We can give the SMTP Port and server. We can give the account credentials in the properties then it will send the mail from that account it not consider the outlook account logged in your machine or not.

Hope it helps!!

i should have specified the outlook integration activity


Sending SMTP Mails:

  1. Use the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity in UiPath.
  2. Configure the SMTP server details, sender, recipients, subject, and body.
  3. Customize headers, attach files, and other parameters as needed.
  4. This option provides platform independence and more control over email content.
  5. Suitable for cases where you need flexibility and aren’t tied to a specific email client.

Using “Send Outlook Mail” Activity:

  1. Use the “Send Outlook Mail Message” activity in UiPath.
  2. Provide necessary information like recipients, subject, and body.
  3. Ensure Outlook is properly configured on the machine running the automation.
  4. This option integrates seamlessly with Outlook and is user-friendly.
  5. Ideal if your organization heavily relies on Outlook and you prefer a simpler setup.

Then you have to use the Send Outlook Mail message activity.

Or you can use direct outlook activities by installing MicrosoftOffice365.activities package from Manage packages.

These activities are for outlook integration.

Hope you understand!! @adext


Outlook integration activities have more flexibility in terms of filters and range of activities than then smtp activities…there are more options in the outlook…if integration services is used then outlook would be better preference than smtp

If local outlook is used then smtp is better option as outlook needa to be installed for local and also sometimes we see sync issues with local outlook those can be avoided by smtp…

So decide accordingly


The forums guidelines are that you are supposed to indicate if you used an LLM to generate your answer, respectfully, that response seems very clearly from an LLM and isnt talking about the UiPath Outlook Integration, please indicate when you use AI to generate your answers.

So, there are a few things to consider.
On some SMTP servers you can send mails without needing to authenticate at all, this can be nice since its one less thing to go wrong.

If you do need to authenticate then that can get tricky, where as the integration service makes creating the connections must simpler, that being said the connection to UiPath must be enabled in your organization so you may need to get IT to enable it (this is one time and organization wide).

Neither of them require any installs on the machine so tie there.

The integration service in some ways has easier to use activities. In some ways worse because they over complicate the new forms, for example it will try to ‘fix’ your expression and this often breaks it, which is really annoying.

There are a few other niche things, but in general I would suggest trying the integration service vs SMTP, in the long run, especially with more complex stuff it will be good, even though its quite buggy still right now.