'Send Email' vs. 'Send Outlook Mail Message'


What are the pros/cons of using either of these activities:

Does one have more features over the other?
Does one work more stable than the other?
Does one support more versions of Outlook than the other?
Other things?

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Features yes…send mail has more features in terms of the activitiy properties…like you can attach a word file with mail…can create html content in that only

When outlook is configured then the folders are shows as drop down etc

Aprt from That both work in the same manner



Both activities, SendMailX and SendOutlookMail, serve the purpose of sending emails in UiPath, but they have differences in terms of functionality, stability, and compatibility. Here’s a comparison:

SendMailX (UiPath.Mail.Activities.Business.SendMailX)


  • SMTP Protocol: SendMailX uses the SMTP protocol to send emails, which means it can work with any email provider that supports SMTP, not limited to Outlook.
  • More Features: It provides a wider range of email customization options, such as specifying attachments, CC, BCC, priority, and more.
  • Stability: Since it relies on SMTP, it can be more stable in certain scenarios, especially if you have issues with Outlook configurations or Outlook is not available.


  • No Direct Outlook Integration: If you specifically want to interact with Outlook features like accessing Outlook folders, SendMailX won’t have those capabilities.
  • May Require Additional Setup: Configuring SMTP settings might be necessary, which could be more complex compared to using Outlook activities if you’re not familiar with SMTP configurations.

SendOutlookMail (UiPath.Mail.Outlook.Activities.SendOutlookMail)


  • Outlook Integration: SendOutlookMail directly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing access to Outlook-specific features like folders, signatures, and other Outlook functionalities.
  • Simple Configuration: If your environment is already set up with Outlook, using this activity requires minimal configuration. It can automatically detect Outlook settings.
  • Access to Outlook Security Features: If your organization relies heavily on Outlook security settings, this activity can seamlessly work with those settings.


  • Dependency on Outlook: If Outlook is not available or if there are issues with Outlook configurations, this activity might not work as expected.
  • Limited Customization: While SendOutlookMail allows basic email customization (e.g., adding attachments, CC, BCC), it may not offer as many options as SendMailX.

Stability and Compatibility

  • Both activities can be stable if properly configured, but SendMailX might have an edge in stability if you have issues with Outlook configurations or if Outlook is not available.
  • Compatibility depends on your specific use case and environment. SendOutlookMail is limited to Outlook, whereas SendMailX can work with any SMTP-enabled email provider.

Version Support

  • SendOutlookMail relies on Outlook, so it supports the versions of Outlook installed on the machine running the automation.
  • SendMailX is independent of Outlook versions and should work with any version of Outlook or any other email client that supports SMTP.

Other Considerations

  • If you need to interact with other Outlook functionalities beyond sending emails, such as managing calendar events or accessing folders, SendOutlookMail is the better choice.
  • If you’re looking for flexibility and want to work with multiple email providers, SendMailX provides a more generalized solution.

In summary, the choice between SendMailX and SendOutlookMail depends on your specific requirements, including your email provider, need for Outlook-specific features, stability concerns, and desired level of customization.

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