Smart Selector

Can we have concept like smart selector?:

It would be good if we have option like “Smart Selector” in all the UiAutomation activities so our selectors can be less strict and uipath automatically tries different permutation combination of selector in addition to default selector and if default is not found within particular timeout value it can go with better option which it has retrieved from smart selector.

Few points we need to take care of:

  1. We should notify user to use this feature at their own risk.
  2. We can give some options for smart selectors e.g. ignore case sensitivity in selector

Ideally all developer should follow best practices and make reliable selector but sometimes they are facing challenges when they are working on applications where continues updates are going on they have multiple version of application deployed on different environments .

Any thoughts or ideas on same line?

Please vote if you think this is a good to have feature.

Hi @kuldip.gohil

Great suggestion!

We would really like to hear everyone’s ideas on this topic. Who knows what will come to UiPath in the future :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is an excellent idea. The only concern is why user needs to be notified to use at their own risk or the information can be given in some other way.

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Case insensitive selectors would be awesome.

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You will soon be able to use Regex in your selectors, together with some fuzzy matching :slight_smile:


That’s great news @loginerror

Please check out these topics of recently introduced new features!


I was wondering, is it possible to include both regex and fuzzy search in one selector together?

Yes, both regex and fuzzy search options can be used in the same selector, for different attributes.