Smart delay sequence

Hi Guys & Gals!

can someone help me (rookie here) with making my delay step a bit ‘smarter’?
what i need is a sequence that looks for a specific file in a folder if it exists then continue if not then add a delay that increments with one sec each time as long as the total isn’t 30 secs. if its 30 secs or more then log the error and continue with the rest. (its gonna be nested in a loop btw)

thanks alot!


Hi @Zaki
Please check if below workflow helps.

You can also try using retry scope activity.

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could post the Xaml file here?

thank you!

Here you go (2.2 KB)

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i can’t use a workflow within a sequence :frowning:

hi @Madhavi

could you make the same but within a sequence?


Sequence is not best suited here. Either use flowchart or state machine.
Still if you want to use sequence, you have to create a separate workflow for your logic and the delay check should be kept in flowchart/state machine and your sequence should be called wherever necessary.

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