Hi Team,

I have two sequence in my workflow both are inside for each loop, I am checking the condition inside the second sequence, if that is false then I need to callback the sequence 1. How can I achieve this?


Extract your sequence-1 in a separate workflow (You can right click on that sequence to get this option) and invoke that workflow wherever you required execution of that sequence. This way you can reuse your same sequence.

Kuldip Gohil

I would explore the use of the “Retry Scope” you can place a condition that will go back to a point in your workflow.

Another option is a Do While loop which you can jump back to sequence 1 when a condition is met.

Or, what was suggested, you could extract it to another workflow file. However, you might not feel that is a fit for your workflow in your situation.


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for your time, In my case sequence 2 is inside sequence 1 I couldn’t able to use retry scope.
If I use do while loop, do I need to place the sequence inside the Do while?


I would create separate workflows for the sequence and based on the condition I would use “Invoke Workflow”