In Parallel activity - How to ensure that always 1st sequence should execute

in Parallel activity - How to make sure that always 1st sequence should execute then 2nd sequnce


Hi @Vikram212, just add a delay before the second activity! There’s a specific activity called Delay, or you can just adjust the DelayBefore property!

@KM1996’s suggestion will work. I prefer the DelayBefore which is in the properties of the activity itself rather than the actual Delay activity.

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well i tried these but it didnt work always
cant share entire xaml but here is the screenshot what i tried

The issue here is it should work all the time.

Hey, i notice you are having this issue for Outlook.

Please put element exist on the right hand side.

Do it like this (Mine is send email, i understand yours is retrieve email)

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Did it work?

it didnt work
to be honest it works sometimes but we are expecting to work all the time with all above method

It should work, i have been using that for more than 3 years already. Able to share your .xaml file?