Slow execution of the program!


At me the second time there is this problem, the program which always was fulfilled within a minute, is carried out for 10, thus any errors about a lack of the selector is not present (30 seconds for search)
The first time this problem was on one of the four sites from which the scraping data
Now there is no such problem in the program.
but in my other program this problem again appeared, and it does not apply to one site, it’s just that the program works quickly in places, and in some places it takes a long time

This problem occurs both during a manual startup and when starting with orchestrator

what could be the problem???
help me please

GM @Kirill_Kubskiy,

could you please permanently delete history from beginning?
Which browser are you using that I would like to know?


Hello @Kirill_Kubskiy
1- Have you tried with other browsers?
2- Have you tried same script on different robots?

The behaviour result would be important. Also you can check similar issue BOT Running very slow on Internet Explorer

Thanks for the answer
My browser is Internet Explorer 11

Thanks for the answer
In my practice, the most stable work of the program with the Internet explorer browser
Yes, I used different robots with the same script, the problem remained