Slider automation using UiPath

I’m having difficulty in automating slider operation.
There are 2 slider, 1st for Hour & 2nd for minute, I want to set both value to 00:00 using slider. I tried using click & send hotkey(left key) activities in a do while loop using counter and it is working, but it is time consuming, because if time is 15:56, then the loop will run for 15 times for hour & 56 times for minute.
So is there any other way to do it faster.


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Hey @Vaibhav_Phadke1

First thing is to understand the behaviour of it,

  1. You may try to do some setting of attribute to the element which will control the slider automatically

  2. Basically these elements work based on JavaScript from behind, so that’s one of the option

Hope this may give some ideas.


Hello @Vaibhav_Phadke1 ,

Please refer the previous post on this same topic.

Even this also refers to the hot key as no other ready made activities are available.

Yes, I already did using this method.
Thank you for helping.

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll try it.

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