How to drag a slider element in a browser to a specific value?

I have a slider and I want to slide to a particular value suppose for ex: 55 How to do it ? I am unable to do this using click and hover activity combination. Sample URL -

Please Help !!

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Hi @manoj1090

You can perform the slide activity on the slider by doing the following steps :slight_smile:

  • Down Click on the slider
  • Hover with the respective offset position and requirement

Revert for any clarifications or suggestions.



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Hey @manoj1090

You can try like this:



Wow, that was awesome, Thnx a Ton!!

I did try this way but exact offset positions are needed and sometimes it is tricky…!!

Hi, i have tried this one but it seems it resets the slider when i click generate button, how to click up without messing the slider when it is on it’s right position. Does someone has solution to this.
I get it to move the slider to the right position with mouse down button and move it left and then i need to push the generate but it mess it out and resets the slider.

Edit: ah not with mouse down button, sorry :slight_smile:

This question came for advanced certification for most of them.

This part seemed to be pretty tricky.