Skipping Ads on YouTube

Hi there, I’m doing a simple task of skipping ads on YouTube with UiPath bot and then making it click on skip ads, but the problem is it doesn’t recognize the text nor the skip ads image and let’s it randomly play

Is there any possible solution for this?

Thanks for the help.


Use Modern activities for skipping the ads in youtube use bit delay it will work


You shouldn’t be doing it with text nor image recognition.

Just use a Check App State to wait for the UI element to appear, using regular selectors. Then inside there do a regular click with a regular selector.

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An important question before helping: Why are you building this automation? I am assuming you’re a beginner learner of UiPath and trying to learn automation.

This does not help you learn UiPath nor makes a helpful use case. Please avoid doing such automation.

Please don’t take this the wrong way just guiding you on the right path.

I really don’t think this is appropriate to say.
UiPath is for automating repetitive tasks. Simple as that. Usually that is a business case but it can be for personal reasons.

I once made one to scrape a website daily to summarise new rentals for a friend who was needing a new place to live.

I can easily see a personal use case for this and see it as a simple test scenario to help users learn UiPath by learning about attended bots running on your machine and trigger behaviour.

I might even make it myself just for personal use as it sounds nice for if I am watching a long youtube video from my sofa.

Dont gatekeep what is a valid automation solution.

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Appreciate your views. My viewpoint is still the same I don’t think it is valid automation to build to learn. By the way, not gatekeeping anything just guiding the right path.

Also, let people earn from YouTube and never skip ads hahaha, they are hardly a few seconds. @URK20RA1037_SAM_ASHWIN my views were just to guide you don’t take any offence.

Have a good day.


Yea I’ve just peeked into what UiPath can do is there some other tasks you would suggest me to do?

Which is again more useful?

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my views were just to guide you don’t take any offence.

Hey it’s not a problem at all :sweat_smile: I was just messing around :⁠-⁠P

Thanks :pray: @postwick

Thanks @varunk

There are a lot of uses cases being posted in the Use Case Repository take a few from them and practice that’s the best approach: Use Cases Repository - UiPath Community Forum

Ask your cousins, and family members who work on computers to try to identify use cases from them.

Hope this helps you. Here’s my LinkedIn profile feel free to reach out to me:



In YouTube we have to observe that couple of adds only able to skip and most of the adds are not able to skip. If that condition , there is a chance of failure the BOT, you have to handle those senarious.

And you are doing it’s a requirement or for you personal not a problem. This is partially feasible.

Try to explore something new. :blush:

Pavan Kumar

Sure :pray: @pavan_kumar5

Sure :+1: @Parth_Doshi


If you are still looking for some personal project ideas this post can help
Need ideas to develop POC - Help / Something Else - UiPath Community Forum

When it comes to this particular question of Skipping ads on youtube or any browser, an add blocker extension or a PiHole installation in your network can be more effective than a robot with next to no adds shown to the user.

Overview of Pi-hole - Pi-hole documentation

My only advice to you starting off is to be aware of “Tutorial Hell” rather dive into the wonderful product documentation from UiPath and once you are comfortable with the Studio interface and products, you automatically will get ideas
UiPath Documentation Portal

Good luck with you RPA journey!

Thanks @jeevith

You are making some unreasonable assumptions here though. For example what if the goal isn’t about learning, but simply solving what can be a frustrating issue? Perhaps the person doesn’t care about becoming a UiPath expert but simple wants a simple robot for themselves. That is totally on brand with UiPath’s goal of a robot for everyone.

I think you should not make such assertions until you know more.
I also feel like you are putting some personal bias in here since I think you make tutorial videos on Youtube, I could be wrong.

Either way, I think I’ll make this automation for myself, skipping ads can be annoying.

Welcome to UiPath community

This is an another approach - That you can try with some extension :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:—-best-ad-blocker/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom?hl=en-US


Lol :rofl: ik, I just tried to do the same basic thing in UiPath