Excessive Advertising On UiPath Youtube

So I’m trying to watch a video on the following channel to brush up some of my knowledge on what exactly is possible in Solution Accelerators these days, and I am getting soooo many adverts. Any time I try to skip to another part of the video it shoots another ad.

It makes it not possible to watch since I am trying to skip to the relevant parts but keep getting stopped for an ad, then try to continue skimming and then get another ad.

I don’t know enough about Youtube, but you can control the number of ads somewhat right? Even turn them off? I doubt UiPath needs the ad revenue?


I think it’s not UiPath Community, it’s YouTube putting these ads. Check this thread.

I'm not a YouTube partner, so why am I seeing ads on my videos? - YouTube Help.

Ashok :slight_smile:

When you have a YouTube page, you decide whether or not it is monetized (ie ads are shown) and you can control how many ads there are.

I think you are right and Youtube can add videos if you arent part of the partner program, but the number of ads is extremely excessive and I typically see it when someone adds ads themselves, at least thats how it appears. Most videos dont have this many ads in my experience.