Skip cell if not empty

I just started using StudioX and I’m struggling with a current operation. I’m using the information from a sheet and then copying the output from the browser. Problem is, my sheet is long and I would like to pause and continue it later. But skip the current cell if its not empty.

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If column 2 is empty, the robot resumes its action, otherwise it will skip until the next empty one.


  1. Read the sheet data: Use the “Excel Read Range” activity to read the data from the sheet into a datatable variable, let’s call it dtSheetData.
  2. Set up a loop: Drag and drop a “For Each Row” activity and configure it to loop through each row in dtSheetData.
  3. Check if column 2 is empty: Inside the loop, add an “If” activity to check if the value in column 2 of the current row is empty. You can use the condition String.IsNullOrEmpty(row("Column2").ToString()) to check if the value is empty.
  4. Perform the action: Within the “If” activity, place the actions you want to perform on the non-empty rows. This can include interacting with the browser and copying the output.
  5. Pause and resume: To pause and continue the execution later, you can use the “Pause/Resume” activity. Drag and drop a “Pause/Resume” activity inside the “If” activity and configure it to pause the execution.
  6. Skip to the next empty row: After the “Pause/Resume” activity, add a “Break” activity to exit the current iteration of the loop and move to the next row.
  7. Complete the loop: Add a “Continue” activity outside the “If” activity to continue the loop and process the remaining rows.


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You can directly use for each row in excel activity for this

  1. Inside the use exce activity use a for eqch row in excel activity
  2. Inside than use a if condition with String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentRow.ByField("Name").Value.ToString)
  3. On then side use continue activity…on else side perform the steps you need to read and write the data currentRow.ByField("ColumnName").Value can be used to get and set the data from and to excel