Developing specific loop

Hey guys, I want to ask you if the following project is feasible:
I want a loop for excel rows. The loop should start with row no. 9. If there is a value in column A the bot should go on and copy some cells of the row. If the cell is empty the bot should go on to the next row …
If this is feasible I would be happy about any developing hints

Regards Marco

Hello @marco.roensch

  1. Excel Application Scope:

    • Input: Path to your Excel file
  2. For Each Row:

    • Input: Use the “Read Range” output as the datatable
    • StartingIndex: 8 (to start from row 9)

    Body of For Each Row:

    • If activity with condition: row(“ColumnA”).ToString <> “”
      • Then:
        • Use Assign activities to copy cells from the row to variables
        • Perform any required operations with the copied data

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Thank Sir,

could you possibly please support your facts with some screenshots?


Hi @marco.roensch

=> Use the Use excel file activity and pass the excel file path.
=> Inside use excel file insert the For each excel row activity to iterate the excel rows.
=> Inside for each use If condition and write the condition

  • Condition → CurrentIndex>=9 and CurrentRow(“Column name”).equals(“”)
    In then block don’t give any activity.
    In else block give the activities that you required to move forward.

Check the below workflow for better understanding

Hope it helps!!

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