Developing Excel Automatization

Hello, I need help with my program. The following should happen:First, an Excel should be opened (Its called “RL”). Then a loop should start. It starts from line 9 of the RL and checks whether there is content in column A or not. If the cell is empty, the loop jumps to the next line. If content is available, the values ​​from columns C, D and L (all are a mix of numbers and text like “ID62”) are saved as variables. In the next step, the variables should be pasted in another excel.

You would really help me with some screenshots.

Thank you so much :pray:

Hi @marco.roensch ,

I believe we could perform this Task in the Background itself and would not need UI operations.

So, could you provide us with the Sample Input data and the Expected End Output ?

First take Read range activity give range as A9 output as RL
then take for each row in data table
then take if activity write the condition
Currentrow(“A”)isnotnullor empty
in then part
Then assign all the values into varaibles
assign activity
var1 = currentrow(“c”).tostring
var2 = currentrow("d’).tostring

these variables you can use furthur

Hope it helps
if you need more clarification please provide input sheet and requirement briefly

Is this the way to do it? Because it doesnt work at that point :thinking: