Skillsets required for UiPath Builder

We are bringing UiPath to our organization (Yay!) and I am now in search of an entry level person to build robots.

What skills are required for proper utilization of the UiPath suite as well as implementing useful robots for various tasks? Is scripting always necessary? What languages are useful?

What skills should a robot builder have??


I am suggesting you to go through courses in Academy first:

Please register there and complete courses. Here, you can find both technical and non technical trainings. Then you will get some idea.

We can easily automate process and here everything is drag and drop only. One who can develop workflows without knowledge of any coding. That is one of the best advantage with this.

At start we don’t need anything coding skills and later you can learn If you know some coding languages that will be added advantage for you.

If you have any doubts then please post in this forum and we all are ready to help you.

Happy Automation :smiley:

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If you are looking to hire entry level person, personality is important I think. For example, someone who is a self-starter, fast learner, enjoys problem-solving, someone who can work well with customers, positive-minded.

Also, they should have a background in programming, even if only a little. If they don’t know basic concepts like variables, loops, and if conditions, while they can learn this, it will take a long time to get over the learning curve of automating tasks. Some experience in programming will also help push along development in logical thinking, which can take time to improve on.

Also, some knowledge of html will be beneficial in understanding how to translate webpage automation.

Lastly, you can transform business employees to developers. Those who understand the processes and a desire to improve the processes of your organization can make the best business process automation programmers. Knowing both business and technology improves the organization.

Those are my thoughts.



@lakshman and @ClaytonM, thanks so much for your input! Any other responses are warmly welcomed! :smiley:

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I started doing automation with a background in process improvement/efficiency identification/ continuous improvement and excel VBA experience.

If you don’t have BAs who understand RPA or its capabilities it can be hard to prioritise the correct processes, or select the processes that are going to be the simplest for your entry person to automate while they are learning.

I’d suggest, if you hire someone with limited experience, start by automating very small tasks that use your internal systems (e.g. a simple data entry process, which may use a checkbox at one point). This allows your RPA ‘builder’ to know how RPA will interact with your systems (VERY IMPORTANT!) as if you are using a legacy system, I can almost guarantee it won’t behave as you expect.

As others have mentioned, the forums are the best place to learn outside of the academy as everyone here is willing to assist. If you’re only just bringing RPA to your company you most likely will run into the same lessons learnt a lot of other companies already experienced, so if there is RPA usergroups, meetups or conferences in your area then attend these are look for networking opportunities. Otherwise, I and others can assist in frameworks, governance if needed. This is equally important to hiring a new person to take on the role of developing RPA solutions.

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Thanks so much! New to UiPath forum - so not sure if there is direct messaging, but if you would be open to an offline discussion, that’d be awesome!

Hi as I am instrumentation engineer is there any job opportunities for me if I do the uipath trainin ? I search a bit but most of the requirements for uipat with .net , java