Need guidance

Hello. I’m a fresher. Do i need to have experience in programming to become ui path process designer? And do it is mandatory to master any programming language to choose rpa uipath as a carrier?
Please guide me.

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For uipath process designer , it’s not mandatory to master of programming yes but you need to learn basic things of programming like understanding of variable, datatype, looping concept,
You can easily learn these things from during training of uipath .
Go to uipath academy and enjoy the learning

Thank you so much. Reply appreciate.

And one more, do I need job experience to get hired in an RPA related job?

UiPath is a low code platform, it means it’s not mandatory to know a lot of programming, but as you became more experienced you will learn something.

Hi @Niranjan_Kundap Welcome to UiPath Community

It was depends on the organisation’s requirements.
If you want a hands-on experience, pls do the all courses listed in the UiPath Academy that related to development.