Single file or separate files upload

Hell all, How to submit the advanced projects, i did dispatcher in and performer in differnt sequence

Hi @Kira

If both the Dispatcher and Performer are within the same project folder you can upload the zip for the project folder.

If both are not in the same folder create a sequence in the project where you have done the dispatcher process and call that particular workflow in First Run of Initialization process.

Hope it helps!!

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Hey @Kira , you have to submit the assignments in a single zip file
Move your dispatcher and performer into a single folder and then zip it

Also, before submitting, check your Acme website
check training assignments option in Acme gives you your assignment status, if it is passed then submit it, else correct the assignments and send it

Hope it helps you!

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How to check in Acme?

@Kira ,
Go to your Acme website->User Options->Check Training Assignments

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okay sir, thanks all

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