Assignment 2 UIPath Academy RPA Advanced Training Level 3 (Generate Yearly Report)

I completed Assignment 2 (Generate Yearly Report) on the UIPath Academy RPA Advanced Training Level 3.

I’ve attempted both video and manual submission but I keep getting 0/100 even though I can see that it was successful.

I’m wondering if I submitted it properly?

For the video:
I ran the dispatcher beforehand, THEN I started recording and ran the performer.

For the manual submission:
I ran the dispatcher beforehand, then ran the performer once, and without resetting the test data, I submitted a zip file of JUST the performer.

Am I doing something wrong?



  1. You have to upload the zip file which should Contains both dispatcher and performer.

  2. Don’t place any related files outside of this zip folder. And don’t hard code any values into the process.

  3. Hope you saved credentials either in windows credential manager or Orchestrator Assets.

Okay thanks!

To confirm, the Dispatcher and the Performer are still 2 separate “projects” but just placed into one zip file?

Or have I been doing something wrong, and the dispatcher and performer were supposed to be one project

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Yes both are different projects but you have to place both projects into one folder and zip it then upload it.

Are you using orchestrator Queues or not ?

If yes then you have to use same Queue Name.

Thank you so much for your responses

Yes, this is what I did, and ensured the queue name is the same.

I still got a zero, should I have reset the test data?

Or could it be the naming of my dispatcher and performer project files that the UIAcademy grading system is not recognizing them properly?

I feel that it is not running my projects, since the marking is happening within 2 minutes of submitting.


Don’t reset the data before uploading zip file.

After assignment evaluation they will give results like where you did mistake. Could you please show me once. Then I can help you better where you did mistake.

It only says:

“Total Items: 17 Completed Items: 0 Correct Items: 0”

For some reason, even on Assignment 1, I never see anymore comments than these.

Would it help if I sent you my zip file?


Yes please share it me personal through message. Will check and update you.

Sure, thanks! Do you mind sending me a quick personal message first so I can reply with the zip file?