How and what to upload assignment 2 of Advanced training

I am currently working on Assignment 2 for advanced training certification.
I need help to understand how to submit the assignment 2 for evaluation.

I have created 2 solution folders.

  1. for Dispatcher process: It loops through all the pages of acme web application and exports data to a data table. Ultimately storing opened items of WI4 type using select query into a list. then get Transaction item gets each datarow and uploads on to Queue using add queueItem activity.

  2. Performer process: Currently working on performer part of the solution.

So, my question is should we upload two solution folders or is there any other way to submit for evaluation.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Chetan,
You just select the 2 folders and compress it to a single file in".zip" format, then upload that file.
All the best.:+1:


Hi nimin,
Thanks for the response. Do we need to maintain specific naming convention for the folders or/and files or it doesn’t matter?

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Hi Chetan,

There is no specific naming convention for the files and folders. You can upload it with any name, but as a better practice just give a name that resembles to your project.

Thank you

Thanks nimin. That helps.

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@nimin thank lot of you i was finished advanced training to with your advice


Can anyone help me with assignment 2 workflows

Could anyone please tell me, in which condition we have to submit it?
I mean to say, is it mandatory to all WI4 id need to be completed as a status in acme site?