Certification Practical Exam - uploading zipped folders

When uploading the zip file for the practical certification exam should the Dispatcher and Performer folders created be zipped separately and then zipped again into one file (i.e the 2 zipped folders in a zipped file), or both the dispatcher and performer folders zipped into one zipped file?. Hope that makes sense ???

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You can have them in one zip file. So what you can do is, create a main folder for all the projects. WIthin the main folder have two separate folders for dispatcher and the performer and have each solution in each respective folders. Now, zip the main folder and attach it for submission. That will be enough for the evaluation…

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Ok will do, many thanks. Quick question would the auto assessment work if I did it the other way i.e Dispatcher and Performer folders created zipped separately and then zipped again into one file (i.e the 2 zipped folders in a zipped file) ?

HI @Gid

I’m not very much sure about this. But I believe it should not be a problem. What we usually do is get the parent folder and zip it for submission. But it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you have already submitted, then let’s wait for the evaluation result :slight_smile:

Major failure, my effort wasn’t as bad as the assessment makes out, e.g I definitely used the robotic enterprise framework for both Dispatcher and Performer, and all the mentioned xaml files exist. both processes worked 100%. :thinking:


I’ve attempted my certification exam yesterday. I got the same question on dispatcher and performer. I was really worried on how to upload because I know some didn’t pass the exam because of it. Here is what I did and I passed :slight_smile: Once you are done with Dispatcher and Performer, select both the folders, Right click and select send to compressed zip folder. Just rename the newly created zip to a name of your choice and upload it.