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Hi everyone, can u please tell me when we run a robot in orchestrator do it runs on our pc or at the orchestrator server (and then we only see the result)?


First we have to connect our Robot machine with Orchestrator and publish the process. And then we can trigger this Process from Orchestrator then it will run in Corresponding machine. You can see the logs of that process in Jobs page.

Robot here is so called the machine where we want to execute the process
so while installing uipath we got two options like either we can install robot alone or studio and robot

–so if our machine installed with robot and is connected to orchestrator, run the process from orchestrator it will get executed in corresponding machine

and as you said
UiPath Orchestrator is a centralized robot management dashboard where you can easily deploy, secure, and manage your UiPath Robots at scale.
so we can see, manage the results with VIEW LOGS option in JOBS tab, from where we will be running the process
Orchestrator lets you manage the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment

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Did i understand correctly? When we run the robot from Orchestrator it still runs on our pc? I mean we use the resouerces of our pc, not some kind of ochestrator robots server. The most important thing for me is to understand where it runs at, on our local machine (pc) or at some kind of remote server.
Thank you

if you have your local system installed with studio and robot and if that robot is connected to orchestrator, when running a job from orchestrator the robot is executed in your machine only
so the place of robot execution depends on where it is installed

Cheers @Aleksandr_Smurov

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