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I am looking to automate the following process:
Check if a signature exists in a PDF or image file receiving through email

We receive a number of PDFs (scanned images) and images a day, each with one signature. I need to create a robot to go through each email attachments, download it and select that image or PDF file from that folder and check signature exists in that PDF or image file.

I have tried using Image Exist, but no luck yet. And that file should be opened for image exists activity.

I also used Read handwritten text activity of Microsoft Vision Scope. It is not providing the expected outcome. Is there any method to recognize the existence of signature in an image or PDF? Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @renjutom,

Refer to this, it might answer your question. :smile:

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Hi @rmunro ,

I tried this method as well. This method needs the image should be opened. How can I make it possibile for multiple images or PDF’s? Also, it is not recognizing some signature. Can you please share it with a sample .xaml code?