Show Data Table values on Input Dialog for user selection

Hi Team,
I need to show .xls range data (J3:N3) on Input dialog box for user to select. I am able to read the data via READ RANGE and pass output to data table; however, can you please help me in displaying DATA TABLE values on INPUT DIALOG box - so that user can select one of the option.

Hi @dineshthaldi,

With the output datatable use “Output data table”, it will convert the selected range value to delimited text(ex:A,B,C) and outputs as string.

Then you can apply a split by (,) like : outTable.Split(","C) and store it in a string array variable.

Finally pass your string array variable to “Options” in the input dialog box.

Hope this will solve your query.

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Thanks, it is working :slight_smile:

Welcome. Mark it solved :slight_smile: