Read Range from InputBox

Hi Everyone.

I have range from A1:D10… but I want to Read Range only base on text which inputed into the Input Dialog Window as below picture.

Exp: I want to read range “A1:C5”… I have entered A1:C5 into the the InputBox… and then I want to read this range to write into datatable

Thank in advance!

Hi @trunghai

in read range in range pass: “”+range.toString+“”

Kommi Jeevan.

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Hi Bro

I have tried to change but the result not correct as below picture.

Item.xlsx (9.2 KB) Main.xaml (11.6 KB)

Give a try on removing the doubled quotes
Use range.tostring only for the Range setting

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Hi Bro

I have changed it but still same.

Pls kind check in my XAML as above.

Thanks you!

I Guess the confusions comes from your for each Block and Ränge Split Logic. I assume you want to write Out the Data that you have read in.

So Just use dt_out in the write range


Hi Bro.

Thanks you so much!

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