Database DataTable in input dialog and process the data

Hello, I read my data from my MS SQL database as shown in the graphic below.

But now I would like to display and select the available data with an input dialog (row(0).ToString). When the selected element has been selected, I would of course like to read out and display all other rows (1-32) later.

How do I implement the input dialog and the further output?

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Can you give more explanation.What do you want exactly??

Hello @Crusha,

I don’t understand your question can you explain a bit, because your Workflow should work as you have designed it.

Happy automation,

I get all my data from the Query with the variable DBRowResult (DataTable). I would like to make this data available for a selection in an input table.

In the input table I choose one Element and I want to continue working with the selected element → row(0).ToString, row(1).ToString, row(2).ToString and so on.

Was that understandable what I wanted?


In the input dialog all IDs are displayed. If I now for exampe If I selected the ID 3, the correct data such as “hjk” and “a3” should also be output.

ARe you going to do anything with the selected item?
What do you want to happen after you view a selected item?
I do not fully understand your workflow, but sounds like you need to create a list from the ID column to use in your input dialog. From there you can use the response to get the desired results using the lookup activity

When i selected the ID 3, then I would read the rest of data for example Name “hjk” and the Street “a3” .

Then what? Just view it?

view, saving in other variable and so on

Are you going to process each id(row) in the datatable or only certain ones?

yes each id(row)

Then move your activities inside the loop for the source dataable like:

You can use assign(or get row item) to create variables for each piece of data and then use variable in the next step within that loop iteration.