Sharing of custom templates?

Forgive me if this has already been answered someplace; I’m just starting to catch up on all the new features since 2018.2 and stumbled across custom templates.

The idea of creating custom templates in Studio is great… my question is, how do these templates get shared across multiple team members running Studio in an enterprise environment? As developers create templates, we might like the ability, for especially useful templates, to be able to make the template available as a template to ALL the developers.


What I did to work around this was:

  1. Copy the folder of the template you want from the machine where you created it: C:\[InstallationPath]\ProjectTemplates (installation path should be in AppData\Local for community or ProgramFiles x86 for enterprise
  2. Paste that folder in the same location but in the machine you want your template to be.

If “ProjectTemplate” folder doesn’t exist in the second machine, just create it manually.

Thanks! I assume there are no Studio configuration options that allow you to customize where Studio pulls the templates from? (So “team” templates could be loaded on a file share somewhere?)

Non that I know of


In our RPA Team we created our own template of REFramework with minor changes that fits us. You mentioned that there are two paths where templates are stored. We wanted to copy this template to each VDI machine we are using.
1st path. C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\UiPath\ProjectTemplates
2nd path. C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\ProjectTemplates

At first I tried to copy template folder to 1st location and it worked - template was visible in UiPath Studio start screen:
The problem is that in our environment %userprofile% folder is being cleared each time logging out/in from/to machine.

Then I tried to paste this template folder into 2nd path but new template is not visible in UiPath Studio Start screen

Could you please advice what else can we do?

This has no satisfying workaround. You could propose Studio change - extend list of configurable locations



I am not convinced if it is the same. Project, Publish libary or Publish process paths are not the same as project template path. Am I missing something?

Yes, indeed.

Ok, now I get it - this is very long term and future solution :grinning:
Anyone knows solution that could be implemented immediately?

any progress everyone.

Studio has made some progress on this, actually :smiley: Please welcome the authoring, sharing and consumption of templates starting with the 20.8 release

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