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I am working on one of the SharePoint automation task. I need to upload the file to the SharePoint with properties. The columns are metadata columns. It was giving the error when I tried using the internal column name with value.

For example

  1. Internal Column Name— CompanyProduct
  2. The value is — CompanyInternal

If, I am using the above value, the property is not getting updated.

I did the get list items activity and found that the column and the value is different which I want to set-

For column - CompanyProduct the value is -

and for Column-- CompanyProduct_1 the value is CompanyInternal | 62ab4e04-b347-44e9-a1db-35a41e45b8bd.

Hence, when I am now using CompanyProduct_1 as column and value as CompanyInternal | 62ab4e04-b347-44e9-a1db-35a41e45b8bd. I am able to update the properties while uploading.

My question is how should I find these internal columns names/fields for all the properties which I need to set? I believe these id can change as well or it will remain same all the time?

I am stuck from 4 days and this will be a great help for me to move forward. Hoping a response from you.


Hi @Rajvir,

This part gives me an impression that this is calculated field which means value of this column can’t be set directly, its value is fetched directly from another fields mentioned there.
so in order to update this field you will have to update another field with value (companyInternal) you are looking to update.

Is there a taxonomyField there?
To confirm go to settings page on SharePoint site, have a look at its columns and their types.

Before automating SharePoint site, it’s always a good practice to see its structure by going to its settings page on SharePoint link and seeing the type of columns defined there.

Also getting get list items gives a good view on the internal column values which you have already done.

Now with regards to your point on that these ids and types of columns can change. This is part of SharePoint site changes so whenever these changes automation will have to be regression tested to ensure nothing broke the running code. But these changes are usually not done frequently as it’s part of SharePoint site setup which doesn’t happen very often unless upgrades or fixes are required.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, these are taxonomy fields.

My main issue is I am not sure how to fetch these calculated field at the runtime. I already know what are calculated fields now as I used getListItem which showed me all the details.

One option is : I already have details of calculated fields so I can directly use those but my fear is that do these fields are dynamic? is it keep changing environment to environment?

The second option is: Every time I should fetch the internal fields and get the calculated fields and update the value accordingly. I am not sure how can I achieve this way.


Hi @Rajvir,

These fields won’t change at runtime like if a particular fields is calculated using another field , it would always remain same unless site setup is changed.

So you can even directly update taxonomy field value properties so another fields gets updated.

But if you want to fetch and do this at runtime , then yea you can use get lost items to know the column name, substring the column name part and then reference that column name to fetch its value. But is it really required as this is not gonna change soon?


Yes, I believe then it might not required. Really Appreciate your help.

Hi @Rajvir,

No problem at all , I am glad I could help :slight_smile:
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