Sharepoint Upload File Activities Error

Hi All,

I’m trying to use Sharepoint activity Upload File it throw an error after filesuccessfully paste into Sharepoint folder.
Does anyone know why this error occur by Uipath ?

I’m using sharepoint instance type : OnPremises


Sry can’t share whole link due to security issue

Hi , that could be because of connection is getting terminated immediately after the file operation takes place
If the required work is getting done , and only error is your issue , pls use try catch to suppress the error


Use Balareva sharepoint package activities , these are bit stable

Hi vinay_reddy,
I guess that activities is removed, or can you share me exact name of package?

Hi , it’s not Bala Reva , sorry for the confusion from my end



Hi vinay_reddy,
I’m using same activity (uipathteam.sharepoint.Activities package) in that Upload File activity.
SharePoint scope and with in Upload file activity throw above error.

I got a similar error then I realize that I was writing bad the Sharepoint URL and Item URL.

Sharepoint Scope URL:
Item URL : Libraries/NameLibrary/nameofthefile.ext

Try with that.

Hi Carmen,

I’m writing same as you suggested even after uploading file at SharePoint it throw error.
If my link was invalid then there would be no updated file in SharePoint folder.

are you working with just with libraries or also with list? could you share your workflow to see what could be a problem?

Did you solve this? I am having the same issue…