Critical Issue-SharePoint activity - 401-Unauthorized error when trying to upload file to SharePoint

I’m trying to use the “Upload file” activity in UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package 1.7 version. The credentials I have given is correct and I’m able to upload a file manually to the sharepoint. But using the “Upload file” activity, unauthorized error is thrown. Could you please check whether the format of Item URL or Local path is fine? I tried multiple combinations of the Item URL, but getting same error.
Error: The website doesn’t support SharePoint Online Credential
Item URL: “/Shared Documents/data/”
Local Path: “C:\Users\Diya\Desktop\Resume.pdf”

Also unable to use “Create folder” activity.
Error: Unable to connect to the remote server.
Library Name: “Documents”
Item URL: “/Shared Documents/data/”

Looking forward to solve this with help of your feedback and comments.

Hi @Diya_Aradhya

It looks like you have an access issue itself.
Although you are able to do it through the UI, there might be some mechanism implemented from IT Team side to access it using Integration Services.

It may be possible through some other type of login, if not using the Online credentials,

You can try using AppOnly for which you need to ask for clientID and clientSecret:

You can try to ask for that.