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Hi I need to upload a file to share point i used custom activity and used SharePoint application scope and used upload file activity which is returning an issue CANNOT CONTACT SITE AT SPECIFIC URL. Please find the attachment snapshot and let me know the solution for this.


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Did the url opened manually
Pls check that once


Yes it is opening manually.

The URL probably needs to be re-written. Can you show us a screenshot of what your Sharepoint page looks like, specifically interest in page titles and navigation path.

Try this URL:

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hi! @vinayvarma.chintalapati … this could help … Add an new Item in a Sharepoint list with Attachments

And also you can read the documentation’s Sharepoint Activities to guide you.

Let us know if that help you.

I Corrected the URL and that issue got resolved and now it is referring to login

-upload file failed partner returned bad sign in name or password error.

can anyone help me out in this here i am sharing the snap shot.

Thanks in advance.

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