Sharepoint ODATA Filter by Look Up ID

Hi guys I’m struggling with filtering Sharepoint list by item ID in Uipath Studio.

I have a sharepoint list, which has fields connected with another sharepoint list and I’d like to filter out that list, by using first column: “Kod klienta”. This column is a look up column, I know the ID of the item and the sharepoint column name.

The list:

Item: “TESTOWY123” has the ID number: 1595, the column: “Kod klienta” real name is: “Kod_x0020_klienta”:

Activity with filter that I’m using:

When I try to use “For Each List Item” I receive an error:
“A provided field name is not recognized”

When I’m using ‘normal’ column (not lookup column), filtering is working. I’m not sure is this possible to achieve in Uipath, I saw that kind of filtering but in Microsoft Flows/Power Automate, I also tried to use something like:
“fields/Kod_x0020_klienta/Id eq ‘1595’”

but this one is not working (general exception error occurs). I’m using Microsoft Office 365 Activities:

As a workaround I’m iterating over all items and I’m checking list item first column value = ID, but this is much slower than filter - Please help!

I’ve found the solution - it turned out that the Sharepoint lookup column had different name, that was shown in the explorer bar and which I was using in the filter.

Full name is: “Kod_x0020_klientaLookupId”, so now the ODATA filter to use:
“fields/Kod_x0020_klientaLookupId eq ‘1595’”

And this is working!

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