How to access LookUp Column of Sharepoint in Uipath

@radu_bucur Hi , went through your Sharepoint Package and it was way too handy.i have already built a workflow which accesses the normal text column. I want to access the lookUp column. Help will be appreciated.test.xaml (11.5 KB)

Hi @shishirshetty2701, I’m glad the package is of use to you. In order to access Lookup values, please do the following:

  • make sure the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client dll is included in the Imports tab:

  • simply loop through the list items retrieved with the ReadListItems activity and access the lookup values in the following way:

Here is the line of code above in case you want to copy-paste it:
CType(item(“LookupTest”), Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldLookupValue).LookupValue + “;” + CType(item(“LookupTest”), Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FieldLookupValue).LookupId.ToString

@radu_bucur Thanks alot it worked. i will revert back if i have any queries

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@radu_bucur i have a query, what if there are many lookups. For eg, i have a look up table like SupplierName, SupplierCode under Parent Supplier. How can i access both of them . I have attached the image

Response here: :slight_smile:

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