Sharepoint Files and Folders

Hi Everyone,

I am working on share point folders.

Master Folder

  • PrintBot Folder


  • Monitor Folder
  • In Progress Folder
  • Completed Folder

User copy files to Monitor Folder, Bot runs every 5 mins and check these folders and add to queue.
Now my problem is, i am not able to look for files in share point, Is there any way to look for all files in a share point folder.

Note :- I cannot sync and map this to my machine as this would be an additional cost to client which they don’t spend.

@Lakshay_Verma - have you tried below component?


I do have these component, It just, they don’t work or at least does not product outcomes as expected. I am still trying to learn it.

++ They do not have any activity like path check, and in my use case it is in very much need, Also, there is no way to create sub folders for ex. masterfolder/sub1/sub2/sub3/sub4
Now assume if i don’t have sub 1, i can not create sub 4; And this way i have to create sub 1 first and sub 2 and sub 3 and so on… which is a very lengthy process. My subfolders reach to 15th level in tree hierarchy.

I believe there should be some alternative way to it; except using one drive or map drive

@Lakshay_Verma - are you facing any issue during your getfile/managing file using the activity?
please share your issue here

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Sure, I might take some time, because i have to recreate this use case from my personal system…

I am able to test connection to share point. --> Good on this,

Second part is to get list of items available in one of the folder below.

Now i need to read only excel file that to by time stamp only i.e. is FIFO manner.
and put them into queue, From queue i need to read each transaction mapping to file in folder and process further and move it to in InProgress folder.

Now once i try to get files, it throws below error.


I tried to change URL to this.

But error remain same.


Precisely i have two use cases to follow.

  1. One to read file from sharepoint based on FIFO manner, and process each item after adding to queue.
  2. To save thousands of pdf after downloading it from a websource and storing them in sharepoint with folder structure to level 15 in tree base hierachy, where i have to create these folders based on path exists.

Hey lakshey_verma

i’ve had the same problem, getting a list of documents en this get list items are two different things.
approachting the problem on the wrong angle, still looking for a solution

please vieuw this info on lists, hope it all clears some things out for you.

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