Need to get file names from a SharePoint folder

Hello ,

I am trying to get file names from a SharePoint folder.

Like to check if specific file is present in SharePoint folder.

Any pointers on this?

Please help me


Try this


Thanks for the suggestion. But I cannot use Microsoft Graph API to fetch . The file is present in SharePoint site. Need to check if file is present

Beware, I just noticed that “Subfolder” input cannot have whitespace in it like “My Folder”. This leads that Find files and folders activities does not find any files under defined subfolder. If you use “My_Folder” things start to work.

(edit) Actually, this seems to got something to do with 200 file limitation on the search.

One really nasty thing found. Find files and Folders Office365 activity. If no match is found on search criteria the result DriveItem is not “null”/Emptied. It keeps the existing value. This is very awkward implementation behaviour.

Just need to assign “nothing” to result variable(s), before calling this activity.

Hours wasted here…