Office 365 Find Files and Folders retrieve all files in searxhed folder

Hi there,
I am trying to use O365 package, i managed to wire it up with my studio, i can use the activities.
My desired result would be a list which contains the filenames (and other attributes maybe) in a sharepoint folder. How should i do this?
I use the “Find Files And Folders” activity to search for the parent folder of the files and .children method to get all the files inside it but .children always null. So i am getting that .children is used for something else. How can i get to the information i need?
Thnak you in advance!

In v1.3.0, we’ve added a SubFolder property allowing you to specify which folder you’d like to search in

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Thank you, but it doesn’t help me though, becasue my main problem was to find all files in a specific folder, so i can iterate through them.

That’s precisely what this Subfolder property does. Specify the folder you whose files you want to retrieve.

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Thank you for your answers,
Even tho i can specify a subfolder where i want to search, the retrieved driveitem has no attributes which would give me the files from that folder. I mean there is one attribute of a driveitem called “children” but that is null for all the searches i made.
So if i am missing something can you show me how would you access a sharepoint folder subfolders or subfiles?
Thank you in advance

I’m facing same problem. Do you get an answer for this issue?

Sadly, no:(