Recursively search SharePoint document libraries to find specific files with specific extension(.docx,.pdf,.xls)

I have installed the sharepoint plugin from nuget in my UiPath studio.
It provides with many custom activities.
I am trying to recursively search through folders in document library to find specific file formats like “.docx”,".pdf" etc.
I am currently using Get Names activity which returns a string array for 1st level just beneath the root.
But I need to iterate through all the folders and subfolders as well to find the files uploaded to sharepoint.
PS: I am using Sharepoint online.
Please help

Hi @Unmesh_Bamble

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I am not familiar with that specific activity, so I can only guess. But wouldn’t it make sense to build upon this basic activity and loops recursively until all files are retrieved?

Hello @loginerror
Recursion is what I was looking for but I am not able to send them to it.
I tried creating a xaml file and tried invoking the xaml with the activity written into it but it did not work.
Are you aware of any way I can iterate through the folders and retrieve all the file URL’s recursively through the folders? or use this Get Children Names activity somehow to recursively do the needful?
Check out the screenshot of the Get Children Names that I have attached.
It outputs a read only string and takes in the string url parameter


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