Sharepoint Custom Activity usage


Pls advise ( @radu_bucur or anybody who knows :slight_smile: ), I need to find & download files from sharepoint site having few strings in Keywords column. Not sure how to look for files via Sharepoint Custom Activity. Using version 1.5.2 (likely latest).

Example would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards, Jouni

Searching for Files can be done using the Get List Items activity. Libraries are Lists too so files are just a type of list item. That activity uses CAML queries to identify files, so if you’re not sure how to use that, make sure you check out the documentation

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@Diana_Mincu please share the lastest version of the package here


Got everything working (a while ago). However want to know that will Get File activity check did download succeed or not (didn’t see this in documentation)? In case it’s checked by activity then don’t need additional checks in my part.


@radu_bucur, we have been using the custom sharepoint activities in some of our automations and really works great. Recently, it has come to our attention that there are alerts getting raised to Crowdstrike whenever the package is added to a Studio project. It is trying to establish a connection to IP address with domain name
Our internal security team is asking why it is making a connection to the said address and requesting for more details on what information is getting transmitted or downloaded.

Hello Sir,

Did you got any resolution on this? If yes Please let me know.

@radu_bucur please let us know on this.