Clarification about Delete File for SharePoint Custom Activity

Good day everyone,

I am currently using the SharePoint Custom Activities Package, version 1.3.0. (1.3.0 being used as there is an HTTP DAV request error on the 1.5.2. version).

The SharePoint scope activity, in relation to upload and download file activities, all work fine for me. However, when it comes to deleting the file, the activity doesn’t seem to find the existing file to delete and an error is triggered.

The chosen library I have used is ‘Documents’ and with the relative URL as “folder-file-path-after-SharedDocuments/item.xlsx”

Is this correct, or do I need to use “Shared Documents” as the library name? Or is there something else I need to consider?

I managed to figure it out myself.

Using ‘Shared Documents’ as the library name made the Delete activity work. The activity follows a similar logic to the upload and download activities.


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