SharePoint Custom activities

  1. Which package or activities used to interact with SharePoint Online sites and resources (lists, files, folders, groups): SharePoint Custom Activities package Vs Microsoft O365 Scope

  2. If SharePoint Custom Package is relevant here. I am getting token expired using login method (App only) after right permissions were assigned.

Client ID, Client Secret keys are used in SharePoint Application Scope.


You can use both…

Microsoft 365 is the official package and the other one is a uipathteams approved pckage…

If you hvae an option to create azure app then go with office 365


Hi @Anil_G : In Microsoft O365 Scope, i am unable to find any activity to download documents from online sites.

Have you worked with SharePoint Online sites, lists etc using Microsoft application scope activities?


To download you have download file activity…

The input for that can be give by using find files activity first

Yes we are using it for files and lists as now


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