Suspicious Connections from UI Path Studio.exe

Recently, it has come to our attention that there are alerts getting raised to Microsoft ATP, Uipathstudo.exe is trying to establish a connection to IP address with domain name This is something weird, and we are interested in knowing, why UI Path is connecting with a domain parking IP/Website?

We can see this issue has been raised earlier in a forum comment too, but was not answered.

Could you please help us on this?

Hi @yk16342 ,

Could you please let me know exactly what is it that you’re doing in order to get this behaviour?
I’ve tried to reproduce this, but I haven’t seen this happening and I’m not really sure why our activities would be sending a request to that endpoint.

If you can send me a snipped of code (with passwords/ sensitive data removed, ofc) or a detailed description of what exactly you’re trying to do (the activities you use, the login method, etc.) I’ll do my best to investigate this further.


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