Sharepoint automation

Hello everybody, I would like ask you, if there is any possibility to automate Sharepoint (by using SQL OLE DB, VB script, or some easier solution)? Or do you have any experience with automation sharepoint based sites? Thank you in advance.

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Yes, It’s possible in both ways (through SQL.Ole.DB and Automation Based in Sharepoint Sites). In the second way, you just have to automate through Uipath using basics “Click” and “Type Into” Activities. Visit the RPA Developer to solve any doubts you have about Uipath automation.

.In the first way, you must have a Connection String that connects with Sharepoint List and automate using the SQL Connect Database activities.

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You could also use the sharepoint web service (SOAP) with HTTP request activity. it is the easiest one for read-only operations. You just enter the url and it returns the data in xml format


Hi Theo500,

Can you please share your sample xaml file here.