Oracle Database connection from studio

Hi Team,
I need ideas for SharePoint automation. I have two systems; a web application with data entered by corporate users and this data should be transferred to SharePoint. The challenge is that, the source application is used by different corporate users with different authorities, so, some data elements or pages will be hidden based on the user’s access level. Plus, the users’s number is not known. There should be only one bot to transfer all the users data to sharepoint at scheduled time. These data is used for reporting too and intended to use the report queries in database (Oracle), but the system architect has security concerns about a bot accessing the database. Are there any tools compatible with UiPath for data transfer or any suggestion about a secured way to interact with database?

Hello @dari_donkuro,
If I re-structure your problem statement (and please provide me the leeway to do so) to state that there is a web application (accessed by users) to Push information to the Oracle database.
You have a 2nd requirement to Pull information from the Oracle database for reporting purposes.

In that sense, the best practice would be to create a new schema (user) in the Oracle database. With this segregation the user can be restricted to READ-ONLY operations thereby minimizing the risk assessment of data corruption.

The above arrangement is not Uipath specific, and a generic way ahead for accommodating reporting applications in monolith architectures.

The database activities in UiPath shall then follow the nominal approach thereafter, since the credentials for DB connection will always have READ-ONLY access.

Finally the solution will be a collective decision with your management, DB personnel and the customers perceptions to reach conclusion.

I hope this helps provide some insights for your case.