Sharepoint Activities not support ADFS

Dear UiPath,

I have a problem regarding Sharepoint Activities.

we have used the this activity for downloading and uploading the file using the basic auth but the problem just comes out when the customer installs the ADFS on their Sharepoint server.

therefore, all of the processes related to these activities become error.

the error said that "the remote server returned an error : 403 forbidden:

even, the robot already logged in on the ADFS login page but still have no luck.

hope you have the solution for this issue.


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

Hi Pablito,

UiPath Thailand already supported me to talk with the owner and they gave me the new version 1.5.1

but this version not support for an unattended robot because of at the first time run, it will ask to log in manually by User.

however, I use some trick to solve the issue.


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How did you solve this

at the end, we stop to use this activity because of not support fully for unattended robot, so we change to use network drive instead.

the reason is customer doesn’t like it.

Okay, actually i am facing same issue but no luck , Thankyou