UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities WebLogIn Timing Out

Hi, I’m using UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities version 1.5.2 to allow me to upload, get, and delete files from SharePoint. Since we need multiple bots to run the automation, and we can’t use Orchestrator or a network share drive, I am trying to use SharePoint to function as the place where all the bots will post and get updated data from (work queues, etc)

On paper the idea looks great, but when I try to run the automation by myself or with one other person, the SharePoint login eventually gets slow and so files don’t get updated, the automation gets stuck, and that causes the rest of the process to crash.

Whenever there are problems, I’ll see the UiPath pop-up for my SharePoint credentials appear (blank) and just stay there for several minutes until the login times out.

This makes me believe there is an issue with the login to SharePoint but I’m not sure how to fix it. Since my company requires MFA (multi factor authentication), I am stuck using the WebLogIn option with the SharePoint activities. But if they are going to be slow and timeout that defeats their purpose.

Anyone else have any experience with this issue or a solution they can share?


I have same issue. After I finished the program. It was working great for 2 weeks. But now as you mentioned, it updates some items and then stucks. Did you solve this problem?

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Is there any Update on this issue, i am facing the same scenario.

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I am having the same issue. for me, it works fine until MS Teams automaticly opens… then I get the white windows and my “Get List Items” sharepoint activity times out until the robot logs out and in again.

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Hi, I encountered the same issue trying upload files. I have no idea what causes that, but it’s not related to browser itself. It’s connected to:
app=‘uipath.executor.exe’ cls=‘WindowsForms10.Window.*’